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Desert Storm veteran serves sub sandwiches with a side of patriotism

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Posted at 3:34 PM, Feb 15, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Howie‘s Premium Subs and Shakes is a new veteran-owned restaurant in Moore Plaza, right off SPID.

As soon as you walk inside, you'll notice you’re getting much more than a meal: This place also serves a patriotic purpose.

“They save our freedoms for us, so we want to always remember all of our veterans,” said Howie‘s owner Bobby Howard.

At Howie‘s, our nation’s bravest are on full display: As you walk up to the counter to order, look up and you'll see photos of Navy history.

Flags of our armed service branches line the ceiling.

There’s even a Navy mascot named Howie.

“It was my nickname in the Navy, and only in the Navy,” Howard said.

As you probably assumed, the hero sub sandwich is a crowd-pleaser here.

In fact, all heroes inspire Howard, who served in Operation Desert Shield, the first Gulf War.

Howard hopes his customers will appreciate the restaurant's wall of warriors.

“We should never forget them,” he said.

Howard’s family also works here. His military family as well.

“They treat you very well," said Navy veteran and Howie’s employee Peter Kircher. "Always accommodating to your schedule. It helps me keep busy. It keeps me occupied it gives me people to be responsible to and responsible for.”

Howard created a special way you can give back to first responders and veterans.

There is an illuminated “Pay It Forward” board that displays meals already purchased by previous customers for veterans to get free food.

“I know these veterans don’t always get the respect everywhere they go, and I wanna make sure that they’re always feeling the love that we have,” said Howie's General Manager Jess Mowdy.

At Howie’s, service takes on a whole new meaning to help comfort those who have put everything on the line for us.

“There’s a place that thanks them (veterans) for their service, that thanks them for everything that they do," Howard said. "I want them to feel … home."