Football moms gain some knowledge

Posted at 3:49 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 16:50:02-04

At Ray High School, football head coach Craig Charlton wants no shortage of knowledge in the stands.

While football can be confusing to the naked eye, Charlton and his staff tried to shed some light to those in the dark when it comes to their sport.

The Texans coaching staff hosted the very first mom’s learning day in return for all the moms do for the program.

“Our moms do so much for our young men and our program,” Charlton said. “They have their own careers and they do their own jobs and they come out and support us. I mean from team dinners to dressing up the locker rooms so now it’s time to teach them a little football.”

Moms arrived one by one to the Ray gymnasium where they received a shirt, were taped up by the athletic training staff and ready to play some football.

Based on their son’s position on the team, mom’s were split into offense and defense to learn what their players actually do during the games.

“I learned the positions and the calls and so I know what my son is out there what he is actually doing besides running around on the field,” Peggy Faust, mother of a Texan defensive lineman said.

Individual position coaches taught moms the same drills that their players participate in during practice and even learned the coaching commands as well; something Faust she’ll use to her advantage at home.

“I might make the coach come over and make him do his laundry and stuff and make his bed and that’ll really get him to do stuff,” Faust said.

Moms ran plays, even ran a light scrimmage against one another, and in the end ran out of the famous Ray Texans inflatable helmets the team runs out of on Friday nights. But now with all this newfound football knowledge, what do they plan to do with it?

“We’ll teach the other moms,” Cathy Montgomery said.

The Texans open their 2018 season with San Antonio East Central this Friday night from Cabaniss field.