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Try This Clever Trick For Making Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Try This Clever Trick For Making Chocolate-covered Strawberries
Posted at 2:50 PM, Jan 04, 2021

It’s hard to think of a more delicious combination than chocolate-covered strawberries. That juicy berry surrounded by creamy chocolate (regardless of whether it’s milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate) … it’s a heavenly match.

Yet, making chocolate-covered strawberries can be a messy endeavor in the kitchen. Melting the chocolate isn’t that bad. But when it comes time to actually dip the fruit into the molten candy, things can get out of hand quickly, and my chocolate-covered strawberries never turn out as smooth and clean as the ones I see in photos.

Plus, the rest of my kitchen looks like I tried to splatter-paint my counters with melted chocolate.

It turns out there’s a clever trick that makes putting together chocolate-covered strawberries much easier. It’s not a secret cooking method, it’s a surprising tool: an ice cube tray.


If you’ve ever made chocolate-covered strawberries, then you know they need to be chilled, so it makes sense to use an ice cube tray as a chocolate mold.

This chocolate-covered strawberries recipe from My Food and Family promises a prep time of just 15 minutes. It uses three types of chocolate (semi-sweet, white and milk) to create the coating for the strawberries. After spooning the melted chocolate into the ice cube tray, the berries are pressed into the chocolate, and one hour later, the decadent treats should be ready to serve.

One thing to note about this recipe is that the exterior will be considerably thicker than the traditional chocolate-covered strawberry. But more chocolate is a bonus, right? You may want to let the frozen berries sit for a few minutes to allow for a decent bite.

If you’re seeking another rich, berry-chocolate dessert — and one that serves up a spirited kick — try your hand at this chocolate raspberry bourbon float recipe.

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These decadent sweets would be perfect for Valentine’s Day — which is right around the corner!

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