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Target Has New Magnolia Home Cleaning Products

Posted at 2:39 PM, Jun 10, 2019

Just in case you can’t get enough of Joanna Gaines and her family, they’ve created yet another way to incorporate homey, farm-style elements into your home. And thankfully, you can shop the new goods at your local Target.

There’s already an entire line of products from the Gaines’ Magnolia brand available to shop through Target, but the line has recently expanded to include items that will help you keep your space looking — and smelling — better.

That’s right. We’re talking cleaning supplies. You can now shop counter sprays, dish soap, hand soap and room spray from the Gaines-made brand. Scents include lemon, juniper and pomelo and — as you might expect — the packaging is absolutely beautiful and most definitely worthy of display in your bathroom and kitchen areas.

Prices for the products range from $4.99 to $7.99 and are available in stores and online at Target. Take a look at some of what they have to offer:

Counter Spray

Perfect for quick clean-ups, this spray will help keep your bathroom and kitchen in tip-top shape and make it smell amazing. The spray comes in all three scents, so choose whether you’d like a scent that’s light and fruity — lemon or pomelo — or something a little more fresh and earthy — juniper. This spray will keep your counters sparkling while filling your home with a lovely scent. The counter spray is available for $7.99 at Target.


Dish Soap

Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a great-smelling dish soap to make the task of cleaning up after a meal more pleasant. The dish soap also comes in all three scents and isavailable for $7.99 at Target. Oh, and thanks to Joanna’s keen eye for design, this will look great sitting next to that farm sink of yours.


Hand Soap

Matching scents will add cohesion. Why wouldn’t you match your counter spray, your dish soap and your hand soap? Thanks to this collection, you can. Shop the hand soap to complete your sink set-up for $4.99 at Target.


Room Spray

Fill the air in your home with freshness thanks to the collection’s room spray. Keep it in your bathroom to make sure it always smells nice and fresh or use it to give your living room an instant refresher. There’s no wrong way to use this spray to keep your home smelling better! It’s available for $6.99 at Target and comes in the three light scents.


And if you just can’t get enough of the great-smelling, Joanna-designed scents, you can also shop a range of candles from the collection at Target, too! There’s everything from Black Pepper Coconut to Lavender Eucalyptus with which you can fill your home.

Just another way the Gaines are working to help you improve your home! Which scents will you be shopping?

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