Suspects sought in two overnight business break-ins

Coastal Trailer Trash break-in
Posted at 7:05 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-09 20:05:35-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Police are looking for the suspects in a couple of overnight business break-ins.

Thousands of dollars worth of property was taken, as well as damage to both businesses.

The suspects also stole a feeling of security.

A hole cut in the fence of Coastal Trailer Trash on Navigation shows how the overnight intruder got onto the property.

The burglar thought getting into the actual business would be just as easy.

“You can see where the screws have been messed with,” said Kevin Ebers of Coastal Trailer Trash.

They removed screws from an outside wall but what they didn't know was the building had a double wall.

The late-night intruders didn't give up.

When the burglar couldn't get into the building, Ebers’ truck became the next target.

“They went into this truck here, took everything out of the side boxes,” he said. “Then, they tried to take a panel off over here.”

A bench grinder and wiring were taken from the truck, but the burglar left the loot behind.

“They left a pile of stuff at the truck and they left a couple of piles of stuff at, around by the fence where they were going through,” Ebers says. “And it looks like they evidently got spooked off or somebody drove up.”

The night of crime wasn't over.

Next on the hit list was the J.K. Kalb Co., just around the corner on Savage Lane.

Thousands of dollars worth of equipment used to calibrate tools was taken from there.

Back at Coastal Trailer Trash, Ebers says crimes like these have become disturbingly common.

“Seems that this happens a lot in this area so everybody that's got a business around here needs to keep guard,” he said.

Ebers worries this crime trend will continue.

“It's that time of the year where they start coming out,” Ebers said. “Christmas around the corner and everybody's getting greedy.”

Ebers doesn't have security cameras.

J.K. Kalb does, but the burglar disabled them..

Ebers has security upgrades planned at Coastal Trailer Trash.

But not much can be done about the anger and frustration this crime has created.

“They're crazy, they're lazy, they don't want to work for a living,” Ebers said. “They'd rather take somebody else's stuff. Senseless BS is what it is.”

The total value of the equipment stolen from the J.K. Kalb Co. is still being added up.

So far it stands at more than $30,000.

No one from the J.K. Kalb Co. wanted to go on camera.

Police have no suspects in this case at this time.