WCRA turns Buc Days Rodeo into a must-watch event

Posted at 3:52 PM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 19:45:52-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The stables are built, the dirt is piled up and the animals are entering the American Bank Center.

It might smell like hay and rodeo animals but that's the best part, the Buc Days Rodeo has returned.

In 2021, the Buc Days Rodeo is bigger and better than ever. That's all thanks to their new partnership with the WCRA which stands for the World Champions Rodeo Alliance.

Rodeo Corpus Christi is on its tour of major events and has made it into a top destination for cowboys and cowgirls across the nation.

"Rodeo Corpus Christi at Buc Days is one of the top 10 rodeo events that will occur in the regular season of rodeo," said WCRA vice president Scott Davis.

The reason the WCRA is a big attraction: more money and big-time exposure.

"The final round of this year's rodeo in Corpus will be broadcast nationwide on network television," added Davis.

If you're not able to make it to the American Bank Center on Sunday for the final round of the event, you can catch the action on CBS Sports Network. The American Bank Center and Corpus Christi will be seen all over the country when the event appears on June 6.

The WCRA is another rodeo tour; think of it like the PGA for golf. One of the most interesting parts of the WCRA tour is its triple crown of rodeo challenge.

If a rodeo athlete in any of the nine events comes away victorious after four days of a major event and does that three times in a row, they will win $1 million.

Think about that, one million dollars. For 17-year-old tie-down roper Riley Webb, who already has one major win and now needs two consecutive major events to take home the big money.

"That would be crazy to rope for one million dollars," said Webb.

Barrel racing champion Michelle Darling also has one win in the pocket and needs to win the next two.

"To people, it's life-changing," said Darling. "It can set up your year a lot better."

It sure can and even if they are not winning $1 million, the winner after the four days of competing still walks away with $`12,500.

Everyone is aiming for the top and bringing their A-game. They are looking to come home with some cash.

"There is a lot of tension," added Darling. "It's nerve-wracking, especially when you are getting up there to make your run because one mistake, and you are done."

Come one day, come every day, but the day you won't want to miss is Sunday. That's the day a champion in all nine of the events will be crowned.

And again, if you can't make it to the American Bank Center, you can watch all of the action next month on CBS Sports Network.

The WCRA is bringing national television exposure to the Coastal Bend.