Tuloso-Midway Girls Powerlifting Team Wins Regionals, Advances to State

Posted at 2:12 PM, Mar 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 19:34:41-04

For the first time in school history the Tuloso-Midway girls powerlifting team recently won the region V division II championship. Seven girls will compete at the state tournament starting Friday at The American Bank Center.

Three seniors on the team began their powerlifting success as ninth graders after quickly falling in love with the sport. "It has definitely boosted my confidence," said senior Courtney Lamontagne who is ranked number one in the state in the 148 pound class. "I have become part of a team that we all support each other, and it's different from anything I have ever experience."

There is no question the girls can lift heavy weight but technique and mental toughness have been the key to their success. "You have to be able to mentally handle the weight, not just physically but definitely mentally" said senior Morgan Candela the regional champ in the 132 pound class. "

"It's not a sport that's around as much as baseball or other popular sports," said senior Analydia Montes, the regional champ in the 220 pound class. "It takes a lot of mentality and confidence in yourself to carry the weight".