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Todd Dodge crafting quarterbacks and receivers, one snap at a time

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 19:52:06-04

GREGORY-PORTLAND, Texas — High school football can't be too far off because former University of Texas star quarterback Todd Dodge started his three-day quarterback and receivers camp today over at Gregory-Portland High School.

It’s the second straight year that Dodge has brought his camp to GP.

He is about to start his sixth season as head coach at Austin Westlake after leading Southlake Carroll to four state titles.

More than 140 athletes from all over Texas in grades 5 through 12 are taking part and learning the passing game from one of the state’s all-time greats.

And with 70 percent of all high school football programs in the state going to the spread offense, we asked Coach Dodge what he wants these young men to come away with after these three days, starting with receivers.

“You have to be a guy that is a manipulator of defensive backs,” Dodge said. “You have to be able to sell one route and run a different one and be elusive.

“Those are the kind of things we are trying to teach in this camp. From a quarterback's standpoint, you have to be able to reach coverages and be able to read the safeties and tell the difference between man and zone coverage.”

Southlake Carroll quarterback Harrison Moore said he’s hopeful of boosting his natural ability after working in the camp this week.

“I want to be more of a pocket passer,” Moore said. “I just want to be able to drop the ball anywhere on the field without having to strain my arm.”

Gregory-Portland wide receiver Jude Wiggins said working in the camp will help him and his quarterbacks.

“I want to learn how to be a leader and lead my team as a receiver this year,” Wiggins said. “Learn how to catch the football and make my quarterback look good.”

The camp runs through Wednesday.