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Sinton Pirates working extra in the weight room during offseason

Posted at 8:30 PM, Apr 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-19 22:25:32-04

SINTON, Pirates — Sinton head football coach and athletic director Michael Troutman knows that championships are won in the offseason and that is why he has his athletes are in the weight room working extra hard.

"Be better today than what you were when when you walked in here," belted out Troutman before his players began Tuesday's conditioning drills.

Offseason conditioning has taken on new meaning as the Pirates look to better themselves with grueling conditioning drills.

"It is the culture that we have built here," said Troutman. "We want to develop the complete athlete so they can compete in any sport they want. We don't win in the fall unless we win during the offseason."

Troutman and his coaching staff have put together a plan of action where all athletes can improve their strength and endurance. "We go through a circuit weight lifting program that is going to push the kids to the limit and I believe it transfers to the playing field," said Troutman.

As for the athletes, they enjoy this time of year and actually look forward to offseason conditioning.

"When we were in the ninth grade, this was very rough and most people did not like it, but it's become fun," said Sinton defensive lineman Logan Dewald. "We know that hard work makes you better and if you work harder, you will play much better."

"I enjoy the offseason workouts every day and I look forward to going to the weightroom lifting and getting stronger and better everyday," said Sinton linebacker Tyler Ramirez.