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Coach A: Quick-release area QBs have caught his attention

Posted at 7:20 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 12:50:48-04

Coach Paul Alexander, the voice of “Thursday Night Football,” breaks down some of the Coastal Bend’s quick-release specialists at quarterback.

Hey, remember that old country song “Please Release Me, Let Me Go?”

Never mind.

But for quarterback’s in today’s spread offenses … a quick release … release time is critical.

Let’s define:

“Release time” is the elapsed time between the instant your brain says “throw it” and the instant the ball leaves your hand.

We have some area quarterbacks who can get it out all of a sudden!

Let’s start with Ray senior Brad Breckenridge. He has battled injuries in his career, but he is the truth! He has impressive pocket presence. If he wants to be playing college football next year, he will be.

Another guy who has my attention is Benjamin Hovda from Tuloso-Midway. Not only does he have a strong arm, but he also has a powerful lower body. That lets him throw quickly without having to wind it up like a baseball pitcher.

You say Alice and you want “Mr. Smooth?” How about Isaiah Aguilar of the Alice Coyotes? One quick, decisive read, and “whoosh” the ball is outta there!

We have some other great quarterbacks locally, including but not limited to Braden Sherron at Flour Bluff. 6-foot-2 flamethrower Seth Gomez at Beeville. Joseph Gonzalez at Veterans Memorial. And the Miller Buccaneers’ “Mad Bomber” Andrew Body of Miller.

But in our catch and release program, if you will, right now Breckenridge and Hovda lead the way.