Corpus Christi FC mixing players from around the globe

FC Corpus Christi Sharks
Posted at 4:05 PM, Jun 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 20:24:22-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In 2021, the Corpus Christi FC Sharks are on a mission after losing their 2020 season to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have been working hard," said midfielder Deni Cresto. "We're an ambitious team and we are trying to catch first place."

The Sharks are having early success so far this season and it hasn't been the easiest of tasks. They have a new roster that has players from around the globe.

There are different languages, cultures and nationalities mixing together on one roster.

"It's a very unique challenge," said captain Alain Peralt. "You have guys from Brazil, Germany and Spain all over the place."

The good thing about soccer: the language is on the pitch.

"The beautiful thing about this sport is that it's universal," said assistant coach Borja Barbero. "You play it everywhere."

What could be seen as a daunting challenge has been one of the keys that have made this club formidable. The chemistry is palpable on and off the field.

"The boys were able to get together immediately," said club manager Adriano Versari. "They gel really well."

"Even off the field we are building bonds," said forward Noah Wagner.

The team currently is in second place in the Mid-South Division of the Central Conference of USL League 2 and is unbeaten at home.

"I mean you're never going to find teams that are unbeaten at home and it's been a great atmosphere so far," added Peralt.

The Sharks are back home on June 19 when they meet the Little Rock Rangers at St. John Paul II High School Stadium.