Meet Bill Bevill: The Islanders’ Ball Boy

Posted at 9:43 PM, Oct 14, 2018

Sometimes in life, you need to spice things up. That is exactly what 75-year-old Bill Bevill did, an insurance broker turned soccer ball boy.

When Bevill, an avid A&M Corpus Christi Islanders’ fan, wanted to learn about soccer, he found it hard to learn the game from the stands so he decided to make a change.

” I said how do you get to be a ball boy,” Bevill asked the coach one day. “And she said do you want to be a ball boy and I said yes I do.”

Bevill has been a ball boy for the Islanders for six years now, and he enjoys every minute of it. As a collegiate athlete, Bevill’s passion for sports drives his love for his job.

“I have a great love of sport and love of effort that the players make and a love coaches.”

And let’s just say, the Islanders are getting him at a good price.

“I get a bottle of water every game, it’s a heck of a contract.”

Bevill is at every game and will continue to be throughout the season.