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Snoopy's Pier offering dockside food delivery

Snoopy's provides some of the Coastal Bend's first dockside food delivery.
Snoopy's Pier is providing dockside service
Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 19:46:48-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Today's We’re Open report takes us to Padre Island, home pf one of the area's most popular seafood restaurants in Snoopy's Pier.

The iconic restaurant has been around since 1980 next to the JFK Causeway. Where else can you pull up your boat and whout getting out, place your order and receive your food? Check it out after placing their order, some take their food and take off to catch more fish.

“This is really nice," customer Dr. Tom Dorrell said. "Snoopy’s has always been good, but to get out here and be able to eat on the water when you need ... it is a real perk.”

Pretty remarkable actually and it's become the new norm for Snoopy's.

"It started last Saturday," Snoopy's BM Jeff Rosenhoover said. "I was sitting out here and saw a boat circling and I called them over. He pulled up and I said we will take your order right here and deliver food to your boat.

"They placed six or seven orders and drinks. We brought them right out to his boat and we had some business this weekend from that."

A very clever idea indeed.

They also offer curbside pickup and delivery to marker 37.

Ernie and Corliss Butler started this business back in 1980 when they purchased this small bait stand. Snoopy’s enjoyed tremendous growth over the years serving up great seafood.

The Butlers recently sold it to Padre Islander Mitchell Kalogridis. who also owns Marker 37. His company is dedicated to keeping that Snoopy’s tradition alive and well.

“This is an iconic place and has a ton of history," cashier Aymie Pittman said. "Ernie and Corliss built this themselves and we have customers who have been coming since the beginning.

"I love all of them. They come in and tell me how much they love the place and how long they have been coming here. We have people who come all the way from Austin on a daily basis just to come eat our food.”