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These Stunning ‘Sand Pools’ Bring The Beach To Your Backyard

These Stunning ‘Sand Pools’ Bring The Beach To Your Backyard
Posted at 2:39 PM, Jun 05, 2020

Don’t live near the beach? Not able to travel to one this year due to COVID-19 restrictions? Well, there’s one way to get your beach vacation this summer, and that’s to bring it to your own backyard.

A Spanish company called Piscinas de Arena NaturSand builds sand poolscustom pools with sandy beaches, and if you already have a pool, they can convert it into a beach. The company claims that it can “provide an environment similar to that of a piece of natural beach.”

Sounds amazing, right? A quick look at their Facebook page provides all the inspiration you need for your own backyard pool with a twist.

Their sand pools are made of special concrete mixed with sand, which is reinforced to make it strong enough for the pool. More perks: the sand doesn’t get hot, and you can get a customized pool built to suit your plot and dimensions. In some cases, weather permitting, a sand pool can be built in only 30 days.

Seems like a great way to beat the heat this summer!

Piscinas de Arena NaturSand is based in Spain, but it provides construction or renovation of pools all over the world. They’ve built more than 800 sand pools in over 14 different countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

Your sand pool can have various depths and lighting styles, and it doesn’t require a ladder. That’s because the entrance of the pool is at ground level, on a soft ramp — just like the entrance to the ocean at a beach. In terms of maintenance, the company’s website says it’s pretty much the same as a regular pool.

You have to get in touch with the company via their website to get a quote, and it’s probably reasonable to assume a sand pool doesn’t come cheap. But this is one investment that you can enjoy regardless of what’s going on elsewhere in the world, right?

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