RISD Empowering Mentors and Students

Newest District Program Kicked Off
Posted at 10:58 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 23:58:44-05

ROBSTOWN, Texas — Robstown ISD has a new tool in their District. It's called, the Empower Mentoring Program. Empower stands for 'Every Mentor Provides Opportunities with Endless Results'.

These students are picked for the program by administrators who feel they could use a little more support on a personal level, like Jasmine Sanchez. Jasmine is one of the sixty Robstown ISD Junior and high school students chosen for the Empower Program. One of the things her and mentor discuss, is like at home.

"I have twelve siblings, and I'm not really around my parents much because they have to take care of my little siblings more," said Jasmine Sanchez, 8th grader at Seale Junior High.

The district matches these mentors with students based on common interests and experiences. Jasmine hit the jackpot with Ms. Chavera, who was Jasmine's second and third grade teacher.

"She's always had my heart, just one of those students that hits you in the heart and just touches you," said Ms. Chavera, Ortiz Intermediate Elementary Principal.

Though these mentors are already Robstown ISD employees, they go through extensive background checks, an internal screening and an orientation. While making sure their student's grades are on track, mentors are also someone to confide in when it comes to friends and life at home.

"It's been hard for my parents, i know it has.. and i just want to talk to Ms. Chavera about things like that," said Jasmine.

Once a student is paired with their mentor, they will meet twice a month until the student graduates high school. Ms. Chavera and jasmine still have over four years of mentorship left.