Telehealth making physical therapy sessions safe for patients

Posted at 4:06 AM, Jul 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-25 05:09:06-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Our goal here at KRIS 6 News is to make sure that you are informed and up to date when it comes to how you can stay safe during your everyday activities. In the midst of a pandemic, those with physical limitations still need help and therapy. "It was affecting my sleep, it was affecting my day-to-day. I was maxing out on Ibuprofen, and Tylenol and I was just desperate really,” says physical therapy patient Laurel Kanipe. Laurel Kanipe shares how her pain was unbearable and needed physical therapy, but in these times of uncertainty, leaving her home did not seem like a viable option. "I wanted to go to a physical therapist in town maybe but I was kind of nervous about the virus and everything." Telehealth has seen a jump since the start of the pandemic and physical therapy is leaping towards virtual settings. "Functional movement therapy" was started by husband and wife Nick and Amber Salinas over a year ago. "A lot of our contracts were in really rural areas where a lot of people did not have access to health care just due to location,” says Co-founder, Functional Movement Therapy. Amber Salinas says what started as a resource for those with limited reach, has become a resource for everyone hoping to stay safe and away from others. Salinas believes this same resource may not go away once this pandemic ends. “The world kind of changed and so now it's super important and we actually see it as what's going to happen in the future,” says Salinas. Licensed therapist Nick Salinas is the main instructor for the sessions and says the set up for those at home is simple. “So we recommend that you have about 8-10 feet of space just available to work with,” says Nick Salinas. The couple says you can use your cell phone, tablet, or laptop for these sessions and besides Texas, the company is licensed in 7 states. Another good feature, patients can get the care they need without leaving the comfort and safety of their own home. “It is so convenient and you know you are safe, you are getting help, and it is really great. It only took about a week of regular stretches and I was pain-free,” says Laurel Kanipe.