Restaurants preparing for quarter-full capacity on Friday

Posted at 7:49 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 20:49:18-04

Here are the details on what you might expect to see the next time you and your family dine out.

Weeks ago the owners of Chops & Eggs donated their salaries so they would be able to keep paying their employees during the restaurant closures brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

It's been a hard month for everyone in the restaurant business, but the owners here say they’re ready and excited to finally reopen on Friday.

Restaurants are gearing up for May 1 as Governor Greg Abbott gives Texans the green light to open their doors.

“I was the happiest person in the world,” said Jordan Jaradat, owner of Chops & Eggs and Ginger Cafe.

The new restrictions require that restaurants that want to open up operate at a capped 25% capacity.

Jaradat says he’s already training and preparing 60 percent of his staff to serve and get used to the new normal when it comes to dining in.

“We can sit 30 to 40 people in the restaurant,” he said.

And before entering his restaurant, guests will be asked to wash their hands at a portable sink just outside the entrance.

His hope is that this will be the first front in helping stop any spread of COVID-19.

“Everything is hands free, they go in they wash their hands with paper towels they dry their hands and the trash can is inside so they keep that paper towel to open the door and when they come in they throw it (away),” said Jaradat.

When guests head inside they’ll will be seated six feet apart at a table that Jaradat says will be thoroughly disinfected between customers.

“There’s a team they go there (and) disinfect every single spot of it,” said Jaradat. “The table, chairs, sugar caddies, salt and pepper shakers too.”

At Chops & Eggs, Jaradat says they’re going beyond social distancing.

Through the restaurants website you can book your reservation and a live program will tell you when your table is ready and at what capacity the restaurant is currently at.

“When your table is ready the system will automatically send you a message, your table is ready please come in,” said Jaradat.

With just days to go, Jaradat says he’s excited to serve customers who have supported his local business throughout the years; as well as thrilled to get back to feeding the Corpus Christi community once again.

“The most important thing is the human beings, people, the community,” said Jaradat.