Local tattoo shop wants to be given the same consideration as other businesses to reopen

Posted at 6:13 PM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 19:13:42-04

CORPUS CHRIST, Texas — As businesses across the state slowly start reopening, and tattoo parlors are still waiting to open their doors.

This has many Local tattoo artists feeling frustrated

Bill McDaniel, owner of Phat Tats Tattoo Parlor, said he could see why his shop is viewed as non-essential, but said it’s 100 percent essential for him and his family.

“We have probably lost about $20,000 of revenue since we have been closed,”said McDaniel.

Countless tattoo studio owners feel they should be categorized alongside nail and hair salons and be allowed to open.

“It is frustrating because we are under the same guidelines as they are, and in fact, we are a lot safer because we are trained in cross contamination and disease prevention,” said McDaniel.

The coronavirus has forced people to change habits to stay healthy, but the artists say the kind of work they do already forces them to take precautionary steps.

“The Governor made a plea to not be able to evict tenants but it does not stop them from doing it after this is over. I still have to pay my rent and take care of everything like if we are open,” said McDaniel.

The bottomline is that tattoo shops just want to be given the same consideration as other businesses that have been allowed to reopen.

“Right now the Governor has us classified in the same category as sex shops and strip clubs. That is not us,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel and other tattoo artists have come together, and they are planning on suing the state of Texas for violating their civil rights.