Experts say a few things are crucial to getting hired, no matter where you apply

Posted at 12:02 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 01:09:02-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions around the country unemployed, and thousands of the affected are in our own backyard. Texas' plan to reopen in full should create more jobs. However, there is a fear that there will be more job seekers than available jobs.

Many people will be looking to get back into the workforce after losing their jobs for the first time. We spoke with several experts about what job seekers need to remember when they start filling out applications and going to interviews.

The most important aspect of the job hunt, according to those KRIS 6 News talked to, is the résumé.

Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend's Monika De La Garza said the résumé is the introduction for a potential employee.

"If you haven't really looked at your résumé in a while, or you haven't used it, you're going to want to dust it off," she said.

Once the résumé is polished and up-to-date, applying to as many jobs as you can is crucial. Goodwill South Texas' La Verne Crumrine said potential employees' should prioritize their job hunt.

"Dedicate time each day to job search," she said. "Consider job-searching to be your full-time job."

The post-novel coronavirus world is going to look a lot different, De La Garza said, as many companies and places of employment will shift their direction to virtual platforms and, most likely, stay that way.

Ladino Bryson, a former job recruiter and now the CEO of her own job-recruiting website, said candidates need to be up-to-date with the tech world.

"Make sure you have a good home office," she said. "Make sure that you have a professional email and a professional background for Zoom calls."

Preparation always is key when it comes to making a good first impression during an interview. Doing your research for the job you are applying for goes a long way, the experts said.

"Companies want to know that you know about them," De La Garza said. "Pay attention to the details that are written in the job description."

The last part of making a good impression in the interview process: dressing for success.

"There is nothing wrong with wearing a nice shirt and don't forget to smile," Bryson said.

The key to all of this is staying patient. According to Crumrine, applicants usually apply to close to 50 jobs before hearing back for one interview.