Vacant buildings in Aransas Pass are causing headaches for code enforcement

Posted at 5:49 AM, Jan 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-13 12:31:24-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The city of Aransas Pass has called for the demolition of several abandoned structures as part of an effort to get rid of dangerous, dilapidated buildings.
Aransas Pass has targeted more than 250 properties for demolition.

“We have been working on it since Hurricane Harvey. We have successfully had about 90-100 demolitions in our community, and we are still working on roughly about 100 other properties that’s in our community,” said Aransas Pass code compliance officer Cory Elrod.

The big reason the city is pushing for these demolitions is the crime.

“We have properties that have over 60 calls in the last few months of crime activity on these types of properties, with police, code enforcement, EMS calls, and that is a financial hit to our city and our tax payers. We are trying to get it addressed as quickly as we can,” said Elrod.

The city relies on help from outside sources to notify them of code violations. This information comes from police and firefighters, tenants, neighbors and the general public who drive through town who see problems.
“It helps with the beautifying of the city. It will get the city cleaned up and helps with property values in our community, ” said Elrod.

Property owners are responsible for the cost of the demolition if the city is forced to level a home. The city will do it but will put a lien on the property.

“That property owner would have x amount of time to pay that lien back before they can do anything with that property.
There are non-profits in the area that we have referred to the property owners to reach out to for assistance.
So there are a few other resources if the property owner can’t do it, that is out there,” said Elrod.

Aransas Pass is hoping to have the 100 plus abandoned structures demolished within the next couple of years.