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Whataburger introduces Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2

Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2
Posted at 10:24 AM, Jan 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-06 14:38:09-05

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Who's ready for a spicy start to the new year?

Whataburger has introduced a new version of its ketchup with a "limited batch" concoction that started to be distributed earlier this week.

The iconic Texas burger company has teased the new flavor for several weeks, hinting that a much spicier sauce was on the way.

Whataburger first used flame emojis and then used the words "heating up" on social media. The inference then was left to readers to wait and get their taste buds ready.

Guesses ranged from a ketchup mixed with mayo — akin to Chick-Fil-A's special sauce or In-N-Out's burger dipping sauce — to a keto-based derivative.

All the guesses now can be put to rest as the company has introduced Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2.

It's finally here after its introduction on Monday. The company has repeated that is a "limited time only" product, not revealing when it will be removed from its restaurants.

In a social media post, Whataburger said the "new batch won't last long, so get it while you can - your fries will thank you."

So, have you tried it?

And what do you think about the product compared to the other ketchup varieties in Whataburger's stable of sauces?