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TXDOT aims to 'end the streak' of Texas highway deaths

At least one person has died on Texas roads every day for 21 years
TXDOT aims to halt 21-year-old streak of at least one highway fatality per day on Texas roads
Posted at 11:06 AM, Jan 12, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Here's a startling statistic that should shock every Texan.

Since Nov. 7, 2000, at least one person has died every day on Texas roads.

During that period, there’s been an average of 11 deaths a day.

To rally an effort to end that deadly 21-year streak, TXDOT has launched the “end the streak” campaign.

They have started #endthestreakTexas. Reminders are present on a highway billboard or social media.

TXDOT hopes to bring awareness to traffic safety.

And they report the leading causes of Texas roadway deaths are failure to stay in lane, alcohol and speed.

"Slow down, put the phone down, buckle up, buckle your children,” said Stephanie Christina, a traffic safety special with TXDOT’s Corpus Christi office.

The Texas Transportation Commission also aims to reduce daily road deaths.

They set two long-term goals: to end all Texas road fatalities by 2050 and reduce them by half by 2035.