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Texas ranks as top spot for growth state in 2021

People are moving to Lone Star State for better life
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Posted at 6:42 AM, Jan 13, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A new report indicates that Texas is the top destination for moving into.

According to the latest U-Haul growth index, Texas earns bragging rights as the top growth state for 2021.

“Texas is open for business," said Matt Merrill, U-Haul area district vice president for DFW and West Texas.

To make the list, the company looked at the total number of one way U-haul trucks entering a city versus leaving in a calendar year.

U-Haul reports the arrivals of one truck into Texas jumped by 19% while departures rose 18% over 2020. And in 2021, arrivals made up just over 50% of all one-way traffic in Texas.

Merrill said people are moving to Texas for jobs opportunities and a lower cost of living.

“We see a lot of growth coming from the east and west coast," he said. "A lot of people moving here from California, New York. We also see a lot of people coming in from the Chicago market."

Dylan Hattaway said he moved from Huntington, Ind., to Corpus Christi this past December for a better life and because of the weather.

“I’ve never seen the ocean," Hattaway said. "And I figured what better chance than to move right beside it."

The top 5 Texas cities out of 25 on the list are:

7.            College station-Bryan, TX

15.         Grapevine, TX

16.         Austin, TX

22.         Richardson, tX

25.         Carrollton, TX

Texas ranks number one in the nation for growth state and has five cities among the top 25. Corpus Christi wasn't ranked.

“And then I heard there are a lot more job opportunities down here then what there is up north," Hattaway said. "And the energy down here is so much better."