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New assessment shows Uvalde school shooting could have been prevented

Texas School Shooting Police Chief
Posted at 10:29 AM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 11:30:15-04

The Uvalde school shooting could have been prevented: That's what a new assessment Texas State University's ALERRT Training Center found.

The report also states that there were three missed opportunities to slow or stop the shooter, leading Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin to accuse Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw of concealing the truth about the shooting.

The report highlights three points:

  • First, the report claims the school was lax about locking doors.
  • Two, it said a school police officer drove too quickly through the parking lot to notice the gunman.
  • Three, it said a Uvalde police officer who likely heard gunshots or reports of them saw the gunman before he entered the school. He asked permission to shoot, but didn't get a response in time.

As for what happened inside the building, the report blames a lack of effective command.

"I was waiting for anybody, anybody to come save us," said Classroom 111's only survivor Arnie Reyes.

The assessment was created by analyzing school video, third-party video, body cameras, verbal testimony from officers, and statements from investigators.

The gunman, Salvador Ramos, went on to kill 19 students and two teachers inside a classroom before authorities breached the door more than an hour after he reportedly arrived at the school.

A Texas legislative committee is also investigating and has been interviewing law enforcement and other witnesses for weeks. Its report is expected soon.