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Missing toddler found dead in a car

Posted at 12:54 PM, Jul 03, 2019

DENTON, Tx - After a long search yesterday, a toddler who went missing was found dead inside of a car Wednesday morning.

The toddler's name was Sarbech Gurung. He was two years old.

Sarbesh wandered out of the house while his mother was going laundry. She called the police four minutes after she could not find him.

Police focused on searching within a five-block radius of the house.

Hundreds of emergency officials, members of the media, and people of the community rallied together to find him.

He ended up getting into an empty car with tinted windows, making it hard to see from the outside.

The owners of the car discovered his body. A friend of the family says Sarbesh was a charming boy who was always laughing.

The news of the discovery of the toddler's body has left the family, community, and police devastated.

Chief Frank Dixon, with the Denton Police Department, said, "This is not a time to point fingers or assign blame because we are all heartbroken. Those of you that are parents understand how close this hits home for you personally. We've got 245 employees of the Denton Police Department that are hurting, from our newest officer up into our 40-year veterans. So, this doesn't miss touching anyone, and we are all human."