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Abbott again calls for Kaelin's removal after Facebook post

Governor Greg Abbott
Posted at 1:35 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 14:35:56-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott said again Tuesday that Nueces County GOP Chairman Jim Kaelin shouldn't hold his office after he reposted a theory on Facebook that the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was staged.

In an interview with KRIS 6 News at Noon, Abbott reiterated his previous comments that Kaelin should be removed from his local GOP office. Abbott is a Republican.

"I think it is inappropriate for people who spread these completely false conspiracy theories for them to be in positions of authority in our political party," Abbott told KRIS 6 Noon anchor Mike Gillaspia. "I think it inappropriate for those who spread these conspiracy theories to remain in office."

Abbott described meeting with Floyd's family in Houston to offer his condolences for Floyd's death.

"We need to be more level-headed and get away from these wild conspiracy theories that have no grain of truth whatsoever," Abbott said. "Everybody saw exactly what happened to George Floyd and that is he died under the knee of a police officer in an act of police brutality.

"That's exactly why I was in Houston yesterday so I had the opportunity not to just go to the viewing, but also I went yesterday because that provided me an opportunity to spend private time with the family of George Floyd in their own home. I got to meet and talk with them about how George was killed and how we can work together to build a lasting legacy of the life of George Floyd in a way that makes it for a more positive outcome and more positive direction for the state of Texas and the United States."

Among the other items that Abbott discussed with KRIS 6 News at Noon Anchor Mike Gillaspia included the following:

  • The most recent COVID-19 numbers in the state.
  • His plans for Phase 3 in reopening of Texas businesses.
  • A potential spike in COVID numbers across the state after the recent surge of public protest gatherings in the wake of the Floyd's death.
  • A potential Donald Trump rally in Texas.
  • How Texas' economic recovery from the pandemic is progressing.