Rockport's water undergoes temporary change

Posted at 7:11 AM, Feb 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-05 08:11:52-05

ROCKPORT, TEXAS — People living in Rockport might notice a different taste or smell when it comes to their water. But, it's all temporary.

Once every 18 months, the city of Rockport injects disinfectant into the city's water to help kill microorganisms and ensure their water is safe for human consumption.

It usually required residents to boil their water before drinking it. But after switching last year from the disinfectant called chloramine to using chlorine, boiling water is a thing of the past.

"The taste of the water is basically the same, and of course number one is the safety of the water continues to be you know, top priority," said Mike Donoho, Rockport Public Works Director.

Though some might be concerned with the fact the water is being treated, the city says the new method meets all environmental protection agency standards.

Donoho says every municipality in the State of Texas is required to maintain the chemistry in their water.

Now that the water is not needing to be boiled, for most it's unnoticeable.

"They cleanse it and monitor it with whatever tests they have to do. I think it's just a head thing for people, you know?" said Matthew Otero, Rockport Resident.

Donoho says it takes around 48 hours for someone to notice a change. Since the city mixed the disinfectant in on Monday, if you haven't noticed a difference in taste, chances are you probably won't.

If you are on the more sensitive side when it comes to taste or smell, Donoho says running your water for about two minutes should help dilute it. The change is only taking place for around two weeks.