Road construction at Gollihar and Weber strangling businesses in the area

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Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-04 19:41:49-04

If you've traveled through the area of Gollihar and Weber, you've probably noticed all the road work taking place.

It's part of a reconstruction project that began about two years ago.

You can expect more changes beginning next Thursday.

Lane shifts will go into effect and are expected to affect traffic on both Gollihar and Weber.

And drivers won't be the only ones feeling the effects.

The construction at the intersection here behind me isn't just causing headaches for drivers. Business owners in the area are already taking a financial hit.

“A smooth road,” local resident Ferdinand Penny said. “The road is super bumpy and it’s not even.”

A smooth road. that's all residents like Penny say they hope for in the weeks and months to come.

And for business owners, roadwork at Weber and Gollihar has nearly bulldozed their income.

“Well, when it first started, the construction, we did lose business immediately,” said Bernice Gonzales general manager of Silverado Smokehouse. “They thought that we were closed, so the first week or two it was very slow.”

People living in the area say the construction has taken longer than expected.

“The construction is a hassle,” Penny says. “I have to pass by it every day. And the street still isn't done and it's been like that for like a year already.”

The general manager at Silverado Smokehouse says she's had to go to great lengths to keep customers coming back despite the roadwork.

And, she was surprised to hear about more construction at the intersection beginning next week.

“Actually, this is the first time I'm hearing about it, so now that I know that information, we'll see how we're going to work,” she said.

In a press release from the City of Corpus Christi, there is no completion date listed for this project at Weber and Gollihar.

The roadwork is part of a bond 2014 project for Gollihar Street repairs.