Pet of the Week: Milly at Kingsville Animal Control & Care

Posted at 5:39 AM, Mar 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-05 09:48:37-05

KINGSVILLE, Texas — “Milly is about a year old,” says local animal advocate Lisa Bockholt. “She is a German Shepherd mix maybe mixed with some terrier. She's young. She only weighs about 29 pounds so she's under 30 pounds, probably won't get too much bigger. She's full of energy. Just loves to play and is very people-friendly.”

Milly has been at the Kingsville Animal Control and Care Center for close to a month. “I'd have to double-check her dates, but she's been here a long time and people keep passing her by, and she's also cute. I don't know why,” Bockholt said.

We wondered if Milly was a stray.

“I'm sure she was picked up as a stray, yes,” Bockholt told us. “Somewhere within the Kingsville community. So she thinks she's going to be adopted, apparently, she's taking well, to me."

We wanted to know more about Milly’s characteristics.

“Well, she is young and she's very high energy and a lot of times if a young high energy dog is put into a household, you have to be cautious with small children,” Bockholt says. “You also have to be very cautious to do slow careful introductions with other animals to find out if you know you have another pet in the household will this dog and that dog get along and things like that.”

We wanted to know if Milly gets along with other dogs and cats.

“Here at the shelter, it's very hard to gauge how they get along with other animals so it's been a little tricky,” Bockholt tells us. “It's always a good idea to bring your pet out to the shelter and do what we call a meet and greet. The staff is wonderful and they'll help you to do that and see if those dogs do bond. Dogs are a lot like people. Sometimes they don't click with each other, right.”

Bockholt has some advice if you’re serious about adopting an animal.

"Animals are an expense and some people forget the fact that animals require constant care,” she says. “They require good quality dog food and regular vet visits. They require heartworm medication, particularly in the South Texas area, to prevent the spread of heartworm disease from mosquitoes, flea and tick prevention and deworming. And, of course, all of their vaccinations and to be spayed or neutered also. These are all very important, just basic care, care and maintenance.”

So if you’re interested in giving Milly a furever home, here’s the information you need to make an appointment to see her.

Kingsville Animal Care and Control

3415 FM 1355



Milly is waiting for a furever home