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Postal worker, deputies help fulfill boy's Christmas wish to Santa

Camron King asks for his family to be together for Christmas, stop being bullied
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Posted at 9:45 AM, Dec 30, 2022

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A 10-year-old boy's Christmas wish was made a reality thanks to a U.S. Postal Service worker and St. Lucie County, Florida, deputies.

This after Camron King's Christmas letter to Santa fell into the right hands.

"He normally goes to grandma and grandpa's house after school and then he had his cousin help him write the letter," said Amy King, Camron's mother.

In the letter, Camron asked Santa for his family to be together for Christmas, to have fun, and for him to stop being bullied.

It turns out the boy was born without his left hand and has a muscle nerve disorder.

"It's called CMT, so that affects his nerves and muscles in his legs and arms, so as he gets older, it kind of deteriorates," King said. "They said he wouldn't be able to walk, but he's walking, running, playing soccer. I'm very proud of him. I always say, 'He's my little miracle baby.'"


When Camron sent his letter, it made its way to a postal clerk Brittany Giles, who decided to help.

"I was reading the Santa letters, and Camron's broke my heart, and I knew that I had to come and meet this child and try to make his Christmas as special as possible," Giles said. "I had to make it a mission to come meet him and ask him what he wanted. This way, I could go back to Santa and he could tell his little elves."

Giles asked Camron what toys he wanted, and with the help of St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Deputy Ethan Kirk and Deputy Rebecca Ireland, they pooled their own money to buy the boy his gifts and surprised him.

"Honestly, it wasn't even a thought to spend my own money," Giles said. "At the end of the day, you want to help anyone that you can possibly help."

"I kept saying thank you so many times. 'You can just get him one gift.' We don't need a million gifts because there's always someone less fortunate, but I greatly appreciated everything," King said.

Giles said this is the first year she's helped Santa read Christmas letters and she got an unexpected gift herself in the process.

"This is my extended family at this point," Giles said. "I inherited grandparents. I got a new sister. I got nieces. I got nephews. Community is everything, family is everything and it doesn't have to be by blood."

Giles said the only gifts they weren't able to deliver were a pickaxe and a helicopter, but the family was able to celebrate Christmas together.

This article was written by Joel Lopez for WPTV.