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Newest employee at one restaurant is a robotic food runner, busser

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Posted at 10:41 AM, Apr 25, 2022

MILWAUKEE — Golden Nest Pancakes & Cafe in Milwaukee just hired a new employee — a robot.

Servi is a robotic food runner and bussing bot. It was created to help staffing issues.

So how does Servi the service robot work? Well, it isn't here to replace human staff, but instead support with everyday tasks.

Golden Nest's newest employee is a robotic food runner, bussing bot

According to our partners at OnMilwaukee, Servi sits on the line in the kitchen waiting for food to deliver to a table. A staff member at expo will load the dishes onto the robot's trays and then Servi will deliver to the designated spot. The waiter will then meet the robot at the table and remove the food for guests. Servi is polite and tells guests to "enjoy your meal" before returning to the kitchen.

Servi is also smart enough to move around high chairs and other obstacles. If someone walks up to the robot, it will automatically stop and say "excuse me."

The robot will also deliver carry-out and delivery orders to the hostess stand.

It works for a "salary" of roughly $2 to $3 an hour.

Golden Nest plans to add a second Servi to the restaurant in the future.

This story was first reported by Tony Atkins at TMJ4 in Milwaukee.