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Disney CEO Bob Iger to keep hiring freeze in place, for now

Iger confirmed the decision during a company town hall meeting.
Robert Iger
Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 28, 2022

Disney's returning CEO Bob Iger is back after replacing his predecessor Bob Chapek after what was described as a short and tumultuous time with Chapek as the head of the company.

Iger told employees during a company town hall meeting that his first priority as he returns to lead the company is creativity, CNN Business reported.

He also confirmed a hiring freeze that Chapek put in place earlier this month would remain, for now.

Iger held a town hall after returning to Disney's headquarters in Burbank, California, tweeting out a photo on Monday writing that he was "filled with gratitude and excitement to be back."

Iger said the company is facing challenges and called keeping the freeze in place a "wise thing to do."

Iger said the company needs to start "chasing profitability."

He told employees, “A number of you who worked with me know I’m obsessed with" creativity.

Iger said he is "obsessed with that for a reason. It is what drives the company.”

Iger quickly reorganized Disney's content distribution structure upon his return, CNN reported. It was announced that Kareem Daniel, the chairman of the Disney’s Media and Entertainment Distribution unit, would exit the company.