Some seniors laughing their way through pandemic thanks to virtual comedy class

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jun 08, 2020

Seniors are still dealing with the challenges of isolation as one of the most vulnerable groups for COVID-19, but some are finding relief in an unexpected way – through comedy.

It may be hard to think about finding humor in the middle of a pandemic. A group of seniors have discovered it's what's getting them through the isolation.

Professional comedian Jo Firestone had the idea to start the comedy class with Greenwich House, a community organization that runs senior centers in New York City, three weeks before quarantine started.

They had to quickly shift to Zoom and that's become part of their jokes now too. Everything from the realities of staying inside to haircuts are fair game and cause laughs.

The original plan was for the class to run for eight weeks. Now, the plan is to continue it as long as they can.

The class is giving both Firestone and the seniors a release at least for an hour a week from the pressures of the pandemic.