Exercise class leads to outbreak of COVID-19, CDC says

Virus Outbreak California
Posted at 6:11 PM, Feb 24, 2021

THE CDC SAYS THAT MASKS SHOULD BE WORN INSIDE GYMS AND FACILITIES EVEN DURING EXERCISE. — The CDC released findings on Wednesday that indicated that an indoor exercise class led to an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Chicago during the summer.

According to the CDC, 68% of the 81 attendees of the exercise classes developed the virus in August. The CDC added that 22 of the attendees participated in classes on or after the day symptoms developed. The CDC said that some of the participants were awaiting COVID-19 test results when they attended the class.

The CDC found that 76% of attendees infrequently wore masks during the class.

The classes were held at 25% capacity, and masks and temperature checks were required to enter the facility. But once exercising began, masks were allowed to be removed.

“Most attendees did not wear a mask during exercise class; infrequent mask use when participating in indoor exercise classes likely contributed to transmission. In addition, the potential for infected persons to infect others between their testing date and receipt of test result reinforces the need to quarantine while waiting for a COVID-19 test result and avoid gatherings while unknowingly infectious,” the CDC said.

The CDC says that masks should be worn inside gyms and facilities even during exercise. The CDC adds that gyms should enforce physical distancing, improve ventilation, and encourage attendees to isolate after symptom onset or receiving a positive.