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Consumer Reports reveals its top cars for 2023

2021 nissan leaf, r m
Posted at 12:58 PM, Feb 17, 2023

An increase in new car inventory is expected to lead to a rise in sales in 2023. Edmunds is forecasting that 14.8 million new cars will be sold in 2023. That's about 1 million more than were sold in 2022.

What type of cars will Americans be purchasing this year? Consumer Reports compiled a list of its top cars for 2023. Many of them are hybrids or fully electric, which are seeing a rise in popularity.

The best car under $25,000 is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, according to Consumer Reports. The all-wheel drive vehicle received high marks for fuel efficiency and added features like adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams.

The best midsized sedan, according to Consumer Reports, is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. At 47 miles per gallon, the car also received high marks for fuel efficiency. The Camry Hybrid comes with advanced driver assistance features including lane-keeping assistance. The entry-level vehicle is priced at just over $26,000.

The Nissan Leaf is among Consumer Reports' top electric vehicles. The Leaf, which starts at under $30,000 before incentives, got the nod for its 149-mile range on the standard version. Consumer Reports says the Leaf has a soft ride and quiet cabin.

The Lexus NX350h was named the best vehicle over $45,000 by Consumer Reports. The hybrid model got high marks for getting 38 miles per gallon. Consumer Reports says the vehicle launches smoothly and glides quietly. It also got high marks for its premium interior commonly found in luxury vehicles.

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