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Political Analyst weighs in on historical case against Mr. Trump

Donald Trump
Posted at 6:16 AM, Mar 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-21 07:52:23-04

There has been a history of criminal activity and prosecutions of politicians at federal, state, and local levels, but never on a former or current president.

“The issue that President Trump is going through is exactly why we have a judicial system in place,” Barbie Baker, Nueces County Republican Party Chair, said.

“Well, the President has said no person, no elected official is above the law, and you must abide by the rules of the law. And if you don’t, then what’s happening to Trump will be happening to any elected official,” Rene Saenz, Nueces County Democratic Party Chair said.

Barbie Baker, Nueces County Republican party chair, and Rene Saenz, the Nueces County Democratic Party Chair, are both watching the case that could make history.

Political Analyst David Smith said Spiro Agnew, Vice President for Richard Nixon, was the highest-ranking government official to be indicted. Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973.

“Because he plead no contest to tax fraud and tax evasion charges,” Smith said.

Smith said a trial for former President Trump could look different than one for a member of the general public.

He said Trump’s lawyers could negotiate a surrender arrangement. Thus, allowing him to appear virtually for court proceedings, whereas anyone else would have to appear in person.

Smith said an interesting component would be the secret service since former Presidents must be protected.

“Now, if he is fully indicted, prosecuted and sentenced, there may be a different story to remove the secret service protection,” Smith said.

CBS News is reporting Trump is not expected to be indicted by a Manhattan grand jury today, though it could come by the end of the week.

“So, it’s just a hurry up and wait kind of game,” Smith said.

If the former President is indicted, the secret service would accompany Mr. Trump throughout the process of possibly surrendering and making an initial court appearance while trying to keep him out of public view.