Consequential month ahead as Congress returns

Everything from funding the government to passing Build Back Better on agenda
Biden-Bank Regulation Battle
Posted at 4:00 AM, Nov 29, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Child tax credits, expanded Medicare benefits as well as military pay are all issues Congress has on their post-Thanksgiving agenda when the House and Senate return this week.

Final Vote on Build Back Better

Senate leaders have said they want the spending bill voted on before Christmas. That leaves just a few weeks to get it passed.

What’s at stake? New limits on out-of-pocket child care costs, a child tax credit extension, universal pre-k funding, Medicare hearing coverage and incentives to protect the environment.

It’s still unclear if the Senate will be able to pass the bill.

Every Democrat in the Senate will need to be on board since every Republican is expected to vote no. Currently, not every Democrat supports the version of the bill the House passed in mid-November.

Funding for the federal government

It runs out on Dec. 3.

For the moment, no one on Capitol Hill is talking about a government shutdown. A short-term deal seems likely.

Debt Limit Debate

It is set to be reached again on Dec. 15.

A default could impact everything from military pay to social security checks.

The Treasury Department is expected to announce they are capable of paying the nation’s bills for a limited period of time after the 15th. However, it’s unclear for how much longer and Republican opposition to raising it continues.

It’s possible Democrats raise the debt limit in their Build Back Better bill to avoid the debate.