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More firms providing evolving benefits packages

Many firms are providing evolving benefits packages
Posted at 10:50 AM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-18 11:51:39-05

When we think about diversity and inclusion at work, things like miscarriages or domestic abuse don't usually come first to mind.

But some companies are putting a greater focus on benefits that evolve past traditional focus.

Early in the pandemic, domestic violence nationwide rose by more than 8 percent.

And companies are noticing with 82 percent of companies now have policies to address domestic abuse.

That number was at 21 percent, three years ago.

“Policies cover things, ranging from providing information emails. any information about individuals who may have come to the workplace to harm for employees to helping with the enforcement of restraining orders and things of that sort, providing those sorts of protections as well as leave around the need for any time off to both get restraining orders and also to deal with any mental health issues that may arise from domestic violence,” said Paul Evans, a partner with Baker McKenzie office in New York City.

There's also more focus on family planning and women's health.

And programs that help with miscarriage, adoption and menopause are also expanded by many companies, over the past year.

If your company doesn't have those polices already, employment-law experts say it's worth talking with your HR department about your specific needs.