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Man dressed as a TV, leaves behind TVs

Posted at 3:37 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 16:41:05-04

HENRICO COUNTY, VA — Old-school television sets are popping up on people's lawns in Virginia.

Home security footage shows one prankster wearing a TV-shaped mask while putting an old TV on the front porch of someone's home!

Police officers are going door to door gathering up all the old televisions that are being left behind.

So far, they've collected about 60 TVs that will soon be properly disposed of with the county's solid waste division.

A motive for the prank or who's behind it has not yet been determined.

Adrian Garner, who is the homeowner who captured the video, said, "It was a guy dressed in like a moving jumpsuit with a TV for a head. Just kind of calm, he walks up, squats down, puts the TV there and walks off. It was really weird."

Matt Pecka, with the Henrico Police Department, says, "We have a team of officers out here working together, collecting the TVs. And, we're upwards to 60 TVs so far."