"We were here, we're ready to play."

Cody Johnson fans disappointed when concert is postponed as it was to start
Posted at 12:39 AM, Mar 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-15 01:42:47-04

A decision made by the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces Co. to limit large gatherings came minutes before the doors were set to open for a country concert at Old Concrete street Amphitheater.

Fans were lining up outside Concrete Street for Cody Johnson's Spring Break on the Coast when they heard the news they hoped they wouldn't: Saturday's show was postponed.

"We bought these tickets in November and have been waiting, and they cancel it 15 minutes before we go into the venue," said one fan.

"That was the highlight of my Spring Break," said another fan. "I got dressed, I was ready."

The only warning fans got that Saturday's Cody Johnson show was off was a sign outside Concrete Street.

That sign promised a makeup show.

"I'm upset because I wanted to see them now, but I'll see them later, too," said the second fan. "If they came another time, I would have bought tickets to go then, too."

But this was a Spring Break show, and many fans won't have that chance.

"We drove all the way down here from Colorado," said a third fan.

"Fourteen hours from northwest Wichita, Kansas, area," said a fourth.

Fans weren't the only ones disappointed by the decision to limit large events.

"From sporting events to concerts and everything, they're being cancelled and it's extremely hard," said Johnson's tour manager Jackson Bragg. "We were here, we're ready to play."

"We understand the frustration of everybody right now, we share in that frustration," said Old Concrete Street General Manager Mark Schaberg.

Concrete Street's general manager planned on having the show, but his hand was forced by the declaration.

"We had gone the extra mile to make sure that we had the absolute most sanitized, safe environment," said Schaberg.

And for Cody Johnson. the late cancellation capped a week of disappointment.

"We've been cancelled Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week now," Bragg said.

Concrete street officials said it's too early to make an announcement about refunds. They plan to contact ticket holders within the next few days.