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Coastal Bend Citizens Attend Trump Rally in D.C.

People from the Coastal Bend weigh in on the rally
Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 07, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI — Some people in the Coastal Bend attended the rally supporting President Trump yesterday in Washington D.C.

More than two months after the election people in the Coastal Bend still have yard signs and flags up in front of their house and at least one billboard is still up supporting the president along the highway with another promoting election integrity.

Maria Luthiger, leader of Latinos for Trump-South Texas believes Antifa, the Left-wing antifacist group that President Trump deemed domestic terrorists, was the cause of yesterday’s demonstrations, and not trump supporters.

“There was people to make believe they are Trumpers, but i will say Antifa was there and using Trump hats and Trump merchandise to make look bad the president,” Luthiger said.

Trump supporters say that there was a multitude of races and diverse people at the rally and that they didn’t see anybody in attendance misbehave.

Mckenzie Chapa says she didn’t go to support President Trump; she went to stand up for the Constitution which she says both parties are ignoring.

“We went to stand up for America, stand up for our right to vote and the constitution because they’re throwing it out the window,” Chapa said.

Some people say they don’t even identify as Republicans anymore because they feel the party has shifted from traditional Republican values. So how do they do they identify? Patriots.

Susan Sollenberger was also at the rally and speaks about how she wants to join a new political party: the Patriot Party and spoke about the values that party would share.

“Honesty and integrity must come back to our administration,” she said.