Molina 8 to be honored with special wrap on CCRTA bus

RTA wraps bus with Molina 8
Posted at 6:44 PM, Oct 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-10 06:55:47-04

The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority will soon roll out its annual tribute to area Hispanic leaders for Hispanic Heritage Month.

This year, eight heroes from the Molina community dubbed the Molina 8, will be recognized for their ultimate sacrifice.

But for a family member of one of them, the honor means so much to her and the Molina community.

The Molina 8 were all young men from the Molina area on the city's West Side. They served in Vietnam, but sadly none made it home.

Dorthea Castanon's brother Alfredo was one of those who didn't return.

The day she found out he wasn't coming home, is one she will never forget

"These men came to the door and wanted another adult there with my mother," Castanon said. "One of the men read off to her what had happened and I remember my mother of course, falling apart."

At Molina Veterans Park, residents can find a monument built to honor the eight men from Molina.

Also standing at the park are eight oak trees, which represent each man.

It's true what they say, a parents love for their child never dies. Her parents made sure that "Alfredito" would never be forgotten.

There are bricks that sit in front of the monument that honor all veterans from the Molina area, but they start with the Molina 8.

"It shows that people still remember," Castanon said. "When you think about these men that were literally — were living through and surviving through horrible conditions."

Retired educator Danny Noyola said the memorial not only recognizes the men for their service, but it allows the younger generations to learn what it means to come from the Molina area.

"You know you can serve your community, your family, the city, your school , the county, the nation in so many different ways and these young men gave the ultimate sacrifice by coming back unfortunately in a coffin," he said.

But for Dorthea, her brother Alfredito will always be remembered as someone who always wanted to help his family and was happy to serve his country.

The unveiling of the wrapped bus is set for Thursday Oct. 13.