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Woman looks to find rightful owner of urn found in Corpus Christi Bay

Urn found floating in Corpus Christi Bay
Posted at 9:17 PM, Feb 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-10 00:34:13-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Ymelda Anaya is in town from San Antonio visiting her daughter. While sitting on the bay front near One Shoreline Plaza, something caught her eye.

“I noticed a brown spot out there, kind of towards the middle there,” she said pointing to an area of the bay.

Curiosity kicked in. For an hour she watched the brown spot as the tide pushed it closer to shore. Then she noticed it was a box that had the marking of Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. Anaya happened to be wearing her Lady of Guadalupe necklace and said she's a very spiritual person.

“That was why I kept on insisting that I get that box closer," said Anaya. "There’s something that drew me to it that said you got to get that box.”

After finding a way to open it with a small screw driver, she was shocked to learn it was an urn with a bag of ashes inside. Not just an urn, but one indicating it's from Laredo, Texas.

“I was like surprised to see a bag, I mean, I can tell they’re ashes,“ she said.

More curiosity set in. She began to wonder how this urn could have gotten there.

"Usually I see them spread the ashes, but I've never seen somebody or some ashes just inside a container like that," Anaya said.

Now all Anaya wants to do is find the owner of the ashes. She said it’s what she would want if she was in their shoes.

“You do need to be very respectful of it," she said. "I feel like it needs to go back to it’s owner. I don’t know if they know, they realize, that it’s not where they want it to be.”

The ashes are closed off in a bag with what appears to be a zip tie. On the zip tie is a tag That states "Cremation Services of Laredo" and has a number below.

We’ve tried tracking down where the ashes came from and have reached out to a cremation service in Laredo.

Most people had been gone for the day, but our message was taken down and will be given to the staff Friday morning and we may have more answers then.

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