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Water enforcement team works to help city survive current drought

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Posted at 6:22 PM, Aug 01, 2022

The city of Corpus Christi got serious about our water situation, creating a water enforcement team which started issuing citations last week.

The 32-member team has been out looking for people who are using sprinklers and irrigation systems when they're not supposed to, and they’re not just enforcing restrictions during the day.

The team spends its time driving through neighborhoods, making sure people aren't using sprinklers or irrigation systems when they're not supposed to, and it’s not only homeowners – businesses also must adhere to the rules.

Residents only are allowed to water their yards on their garbage collection day.

If someone is caught watering on a different day, they’ll receive a citation that could cost the person violating the water restrictions up to $500 fine.

That money will go into our city's water fund.

So far, the city has issued 380 citations, and is calling the program a success. It says the program is also bringing the community together.

“I had one guy who works for the city -- I won't say his name -- he told me ‘Yeah, the neighbor came and knocked on my door and he goes “I've been here for seven years, and I've never talked to that neighbor or seen him, and they're letting us know that the city is writing citations,’ ” said Corpus Christi Water Chief Operating Officer Michael Murphy.

Murphy also said everyone's efforts are paying off. He said the O.N. Stevens Water Plant regularly distributes more than 100 million gallons at various parts of the day.

He said that there were at least two days last week when the city noticed that less than 95 million gallons of water were being pumped out.