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Volunteer firefighters working overtime battling brush fires

Volunteer firefighters working overtime battling brush fires
Posted at 10:25 PM, Mar 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-09 23:28:54-05

INGLESIDE, Texas — Just like their paid counterparts, volunteer firefighters in the Coastal Bend have been busy recently battling numerous brushfires fueled by grass and plants that February's deep freeze killed.

Warm, dry, windy weather isn't helping them.

"These fires are moving quick," San Patricio County Fire Marshall Steven Loving said. "The fuel loads are significant in this area."

He estimates that his county has seen between four and six brushfires every weekend since last month's Arctic blast.

And in a county with only two paid fire departments, responding to so many fires is taxing on the volunteers -- like those in Ingleside where Loving is also the fire chief.

He marvels at the work ethic of his volunteer fire fighters who have full time jobs and families to tend to as well.

"We’ve got crews -- they’re fighting the fires on the weekend, and they turn around and they’re back at it fixing any damage to the (fire) trucks," Loving said.

But with so many fires to fight, anyone could lose the motivation to show up when the alarm sounds.

Loving says that's not the case with his crews.

"They are tired," he said. "They’re wore out. They’re doing their part each weekend and during the week. But they’re not going to quit or give up."