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Visitors at Cole Park say improvements needed for skaters safety

Posted at 9:45 PM, Jan 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-26 22:46:03-05

CORPUS CHRISTI — Visitors at Cole Skate Park say they love it here, but tell us the park needs repairs.

“There’s coping that’s been torn off some obstacles and we need that to be replaced,“ says park-goer Alfonso Figueroa.

“There’s cracks and holes everywhere,” says Hector Rodriguez, a regular visitor at Cole Skate Park.

Those are just a few reactions we got Wednesday morning from frequent Cole Park visitors, with safety being their top concern.

“I believe the maintenance here has just been forgotten,” says JoJo Perez, a frequent visitor.

“You could easily hit one of these cracks on the floors, the holes, and those can be forgotten easily when you’re skating and especially when you’re skating with someone else. It does get kind of crowded in here in the afternoon and there can easily be accidents happening,” he continued.

Dante Gonzalez, Parks and Rec interim director for the City of Corpus Christi, says he is aware of Cole Skate Park’s current condition and visitors’ concerns.

“I want them to know that they are being heard,” says Gonzalez. “We are working towards making sure that we have all of our ducks lined up.”

It’s been nearly a year since KRIS 6 news spoke with city officials on this highly popular ground’s state.

“We have been engaging with vendors to give us some quotes to do an assessment of the skatepark,” says Gonzalez. “Once we get those quotes, then well start developing an objective for the renovation of that particular skate park”.

Gonzalez did not mention a start date for Cole Skate Park renovation but wants the public to know that changes are on their way.