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Vice President Pence visits detention centers in South Texas

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 23:35:29-04

MCALLEN, Tx. — Vice President Mike Pence visited two detention centers for undocumented migrants in the Rio Grande Valley Friday complimenting living conditions and treatment by border patrol agents amid criticism. His first stop was the Donna Holding Facility, a 40,000 square foot, air conditioned tent in the small town of Donna situated 20 miles east of McAllen.

"Every family that I spoke to [at the Donna Holding Facility] told me that they are being well cared for." Pence said. "That's different than some of the harsh rhetoric that we hear from Democrats on Capitol Hill. Our Customs and Border Protection are doing their level best to provide compassionate care to these families in a manner the American people would expect."

A motorcade then took the vice president to the McAllen Border Patrol Station for a roundtable discussion with agents and agency leaders. There he complimented agents on their treatment of migrants and also spoke about a method they use to cross into the United States.

"The real answer here is not more detention," Pence said. "The real answer here is to take away the tools that human traffickers are using to entice vulnerable families."

Pence then toured another immigrant processing center in the area before boarding Air Force 2 for the flight back to Washington DC. He left before commenting on the conditions at that second center.