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UPDATE: Marine Corps veteran's stolen truck is recovered

Posted at 7:09 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 21:35:25-05

One Corpus Christi family got some good news Tuesday after suffering a disappointing loss on Saturday morning.

Lonnie Hobson called KRIS 6 News to report that he and his wife, Amy's, Ford F-250 that had been stolen from their driveway over the weekend has been recovered.

Sunrise reporter Chelsea Torres told the Hobsons' story Monday morning while reporting on the uptick in auto thefts during the holidays.

Lonnie and Amy Hobson, moved into their home off of Holly Road on Nov. 1.

"We've moved 20 times with the military, we do research every time we move," said Amy, whose husband is a Marine Corps veteran. "We did the research, this is a safe neighborhood."

But Saturday night, after being awakened by a separate incident, Amy said she was getting a glass of water when she heard their truck ignition start up.

"As soon as I realized it started, I jumped over the sofa and was outside," she said.

Amy can be heard yelling on a neighbor's surveillance video as she said she chased the truck down the block to no avail.

The Hobsons immediately reported the theft to the Corpus Christi Police Department, who told them Fords, specifically, are targeted in Texas.

"It's the No. 1 stolen vehicle in Texas, I found out" Amy told Torres. "They can punch the lock out super-fast and punch the ignition super-fast. (The officer) said literally your truck can be gone and that's what happened."

Lonnie said the only damage to their truck, indeed, was a broken ignition lock and a broken door lock.

He said they were able to get their truck back thanks to people who had seen their story on social media, and that it was found only about five blocks away from their house.

"Everything was there," he said.

Amy also told us via Facebook Messenger that Christmas Eve also is Lonnie's birthday.

"Getting his truck back is the best gift ever," she said.