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Expected heavy rains concerning for Aransas Pass residents

Aransas Pass flooding concerns
Posted at 5:47 PM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-17 19:27:11-04

ARANSAS PASS, Texas — Backed-up drainage and the heavy rains we saw this weekend created a perfect storm that left parts of Aransas County flooded.

Any major rains coming to the Coastal Bend have Aransas Pass residents worried about the potential for flooding along with the drainage.

Charles Ham just moved into his home he built on Ninth Street and says when storms hit, it leaves much flooding and standing water in certain areas of the city.

“I guess my thoughts on it, are if the water is going to come in I know a couple of my neighbors said their house floods out particular times of the year," Ham said. "So, it's really kind of concerning to me."

Ham says he must stay prepared for all major rain events.

“Everything is kind of base-to-base," Ham said. "Like with Hurricane Harvey, it was get out of town."

Pipes backing up due to storms can cause major flooding. Members of the Aransas Pass Public Works Department say the city has done a drainage study to pinpoint areas prone to flooding due to heavy rain.

“Yeah, I just stay home, I don’t drive around in this rain,” said David Carrol.

Other residents say traveling through the rain, especially where it floods, is not worth going outside.

“Well, it’s wetlands all down here," Carrol said. "It’s like swamp all over the place, so I'm used to it,"