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Trial begins for man charged with causing accident that killed a CCPD police officer

Posted at 9:59 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 22:59:17-04

An emotional day in the 94th District Courtroom Thursday morning as opening statements began in the trial of Brandon Portillo.

He is accused of driving while intoxicated and causing a crash that claimed the life of Corpus Christi police officer Alan McCollum, and injuring officers Michael Love and Kiyomi Muniz in January 2020.

Nueces County Assistant District Attorney Angelica Hernandez addressed the jury, telling them that the evidence will show them the reality of this case.

"The losses suffered on that horrible night, the evidence will show cannot be transformed into anything useful," Hernandez said. "There is no silver lining to be found in the losses that have been suffered by the Love family, the McCollum family, and the Muniz family."

Hernandez asked the jury to enter guilty verdicts on all three counts based on what they are going to hear and see.

Portillo's defense attorney, Kyle Hoelscher, also addressing the jury, acknowledged the emotional impact watching the videos could have on them.

"At the end, I am going to be asking for you to go back into the jury room to look right on these things and find Mr. Portillo guilty of DWI," Hoelscher said.